Postponed: Fraud Awareness Training on April 16

Due to the restrictions in place to keep our community safe, UCSF Audit & Advisory Services has postponed the Fraud Awareness Training scheduled for April 16, 2020. A rescheduled date and time will be announced in the near future.

Audit & Advisory Services would like to remind everyone that scammers are taking advantage of fears surrounding the Coronavirus. Be aware of email and text scams containing malicious links. Recent examples include emails claiming to be from a coronavirus “specialist” with malicious links to download safety information and fake FedEx text messages instructing recipients to click a link to update their delivery preferences to protect from COVID-19.

We encourage everyone to visit the Federal Trade Commission's Coronavirus Scams web page for a documented list of common scams and tips to help keep scammers at bay. Also, please refer to the article, Protect UCSF and Myself from Phishing and Other Similar Scams, for a refresher on how to help protect yourself and UCSF.