UCRP Supplemental Interest Correction for November

It was recently discovered that the November 2019 journal with Journal ID 05PRB2OPB failed to include all necessary UCRP Supplemental Interest assessments on SFMED funding sources. To correct this, the Payroll Office will post a correction journal with Journal ID 05PRB2OPBC to ledger period 10 (April 2020) to charge the assessments as they were originally calculated in November. If your department funding is included in this correction journal, use the Distribution of Payroll Expense Report to review original earnings in November (labeled with ET Month 1905) that resulted in the assessment.

The Payroll Office posts journals after each pay cycle to charge an assessment for UCRP Supplemental Interest. These journals have IDs using the format MMPRCCOPB where “MM” is the accounting period and “CC” is the pay cycle (XX, B1, MO, etc.). Review additional details about the payroll assessment calculation on the Controller's Office website.