Updates to the GL Verification Tool for UCPath

As previously announced by the Controller's Office, UCPath brings several changes to how salary and benefit expenses are recorded in the General Ledger. General Ledger (GL) Verification Tool users will experience these changes beginning with the release of May 2020 data in the tool on June 15. Verifiers should become familiar with changes in Accounts used to record payroll expenses, including new composite benefit rates, fellowship stipends, and vacation activity, as these changes will be reflected in the tool.

Due to differences in the recording of payroll journal data generated from PPS and UCPath, the pink shading in the Chg column of the Review and Verify Payroll tab will be temporarily disabled. Pink shading is used to highlight significant differences between payroll in the selected month and the prior month. We anticipate enabling this feature within three months once month-over-month comparisons of UCPath journal postings are available.

Departments should continue to perform payroll verification as usual, along with the rest of their GL verification and approval activities. Please contact [email protected] if you have questions.