Incomplete Purchase Order and Lien Transactions between February and May 2020

Between February and May 2020, some PeopleSoft purchase order and lien activity transactions were populated with zero values in the Fiscal Year and Accounting Period fields. This issue impacted downstream applications that source this type of data, including MyReports.

The PeopleSoft team corrected the data on May 30, 2020. MyReports is working to correct the data loaded into the Financial & Administrative Data Warehouse (FADW) during those months; we anticipate it will be corrected before the final close of the 2019-20 fiscal year.

The Purchase Order Lien Balance Report contains correct lien balances. Other reports that display liens are missing transactions that were populated with zero-value fiscal periods. Until the data is corrected in MyReports, please refer to the Purchase Order Lien Balance Report, located on the Transactional Reports tab, for accurate lien balance amounts.