Updated Conditions of Industry Gift Award Letter Issued By UDAR Corporate & Foundation Relations

In an effort to more thoroughly capture IRS regulations in corporate gift agreements, the University Development & Alumni Relations (UDAR) Corporate & Foundation Relations (CFR) office has issued an updated Conditions of Industry Gift Award Letter. This updated letter lays out conditions of philanthropic giving more precisely and clearly, which should better ensure legal compliance on the part of both faculty and corporations. The Conditions of Industry Gift Award Letter is required for all gifts from industry/corporations in excess of $9,999 to UCSF faculty or programs, in absence of an alternative fully-executed agreement. If a corporation provides alternative language, please contact the CFR office for review and approval. Please note that faculty cannot accept alternate language without CFR approval.

If a company is interested in making a grant or a contractual partnership, this letter does not apply, and the appropriate office should be engaged to process the contributions.