Updates to Credit Card Payment Methods during COVID-19 Recovery

As part of COVID-19 recovery efforts, UCSF Merchant Services has enabled the following to help ensure the health and safety of the UCSF community.

  • Temporary Waiver of Signature Requirement: UCSF Merchant Services and the Controller’s Office are suspending the payer signature requirement for payments made with a credit card during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Contactless Payments Active on all Bluefin P2PE Credit Card Payment Terminals: contactless payment methods (e.g., Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, tap-and-go cards, mobile wallets) are activated for all patient-facing Bluefin PAX P2PE devices. This allows our staff to maintain physical distancing while collecting payments, eliminates the need for patients to physically touch the pin pad or signature pen, and greatly reduces the risk of contamination of the device itself.

UCSF Merchant Services encourages all merchants to review and update their payment operations in order to take advantage of the benefits of contactless payments. For assistance with updating your operations to prepare for contactless payments, contact UCSF Merchant Services at [email protected].