New Tool Available for Locating Unclaimed Payments

Do you have unclaimed cash receipt deposits, Automated Clearing House (ACH) credits, or wire transfers? On a daily basis UCSF receives both domestic and international funds in the form of Automated Clearing House credits (ACH) and wire transfers. Funds are often intended for campus departments, and recipient departments often do not know when their funds may be deposited into the campus bank account.

To assist departments in identifying their funds, the Controller’s Office Cash and Controls Team uploads all cash receipt deposits, ACH credits, and wire payments to UCSF Box on a daily basis. We have added a new file to the Daily ACH and Wire Payments folder on Box to allow you to search payments received for the entire calendar month at once. Updated daily, it includes all cash and cash equivalent transactions for the entire month to-date.

  • Access the current file in the Box subfolder for the current month.
  • The file format name is YYYYMM01_to_Current_All Accounts_Details (For example, 20200901_to_Current_All Accounts_Details).
  • MyAccess login is required.

If you have not recently reviewed the lists of unclaimed payments, please take a moment to review the Monthly Undistributed ACH & Wire Payments List. As many unclaimed payments are more than 90 days old, be sure to review both the "Unclaimed within 60 days" and the "Unclaimed more than 60 days to 13 months" tabs in the file.

Unclaimed ACH/Wire payments are viewable in the Monthly Undistributed ACH and Wire Payments List for 13 months. For additional guidance, consult the Undistributed ACH/Wire Payments how-to guide on the Controller’s Office website.

If you have questions or feedback on how we can improve the process of locating unclaimed payments, contact the Cash and Controls Team.