New Process to Record Master Agreements and Corresponding Projects

Master Agreements embody agreed-upon terms and conditions of a basic relationship between the University and a sponsor. Contracts and Grants Accounting worked with UCSF Information Technology to develop and implement a new process to record and track Master Agreements, as well as the projects and tasks under each Master Agreement, in the Research Administration System (RAS) of UCSF’s PeopleSoft Financial system. Effective September 24, 2020, all new Master Agreements will be set up in RAS as a new award with the agreement type “Master Agreement Award”. These awards will not have a Fund designation and are used for RAS recordkeeping purposes only. They cannot be activated, and expenses cannot be posted to them.

Each new project/task under a Master Agreement will be set up as a separate award. The award attribute, PARENT_MAA (Parent Master Agreement Awd ID), will be populated with the Master Agreement Award ID. Awards for individual projects under a Master Agreement will be assigned a valid Fund, and project related expenses will be posted following standard award procedures. Related projects or tasks that represent additional work under an existing task will be set up as additional funding under the award number for the initial project/task.

If you have questions about the Master Agreement process, contact [email protected]du.