Enhancements to the Distribution of Payroll Expense (DPE) Report

Later this month, the MyReports team will release new versions of the Distribution of Payroll Expense (DPE) reports by Account and Alt Account. Highlights of report changes to address UCPath data include:

  • New report filter options
    • Direct Retro ID
    • Position Number
    • View Monthly Rates as 1.0 FTE – checking this box converts the amount in the Rate and Cap Amount columns for monthly-paid employees whose Position FTE is less than 1.0 to the 1.0 FTE rate
  • Updates to the report output
    • New Direct Retro ID column displays the transaction ID for salary cost transfer transactions
    • Percent of Effort calculation for bi-weekly employees has been revised using a base of 160 hours per month instead of UCPath’s delivered approach using a base of 174 hours per month
    • Cap Amount now displays the monthly cap amount instead of the annual cap amount

Look for an additional announcement via the MyReports listserv once the new report features are available. Users may need to clear their web browser cache in order to take advantage of the enhancements.

Contact the Controller's Office Solution Center if you have any questions about MyReports or to report a potential issue.