Important Year-End Tax and Payroll Reminders

Due to the transition to UCPath in 2020, most UCSF employees will receive two W-2 and two 1095-C forms for the 2020 tax year.

  • W-2 and 1095-C forms for earnings and benefits received before the UCPath transition will be available in At Your Service Online (AYSO).
  • W-2 forms for earnings received after the UCPath transition will be available in UCPath online.
  • 1095-C forms for benefits received after the UCPath transition will not be available electronically in UCPath online. All forms will be mailed.

Employees who have not signed up to receive their W-2 electronically may do so through UCPath online until January 15. Electronic form elections are no longer available in At Your Service Online.

Employees will be notified via email when tax forms are available for secure retrieval from AYSO and UCPath online. For employees electing to receive paper copies of 2020 tax forms, all forms will be mailed no later than January 31 to the address contained in the UCPath system as of January 15.To ensure timely receipt of tax forms, employees should verify their personal email and home address in UCPath online by January 15.

Review these additional important year-end tax and payroll reminders on the UCnet website. Employees should contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center with questions about 2020 tax form delivery changes or if they need further assistance.