How to Prepare for Award Verification - Coming in April

Award verification is UCSF's procedure to support Principal Investigators (PIs) in meeting the requirements of the Uniform Guidance for federal awards. Beginning in April, PIs will be required to use the new Award Verification Tool to review and verify expenses for all sponsored awards where they are established as the award owner (Award PI). The new process replaces effort certification using the Effort Reporting System and aims to reduce the time required of PIs for compliance activities.

PIs, Program Managers, Research Services Analysts (RSAs), and department administrators who have a role in reviewing financial activity for sponsored awards should take the recommended actions described below to prepare for the start of award verification, scheduled to go live on April 12, 2021.

View Award Verification Tool User Guides

Award Verification Tool User Guides are available to help you prepare to use the new tool. Interactive guides for PIs, Program Managers, and RSAs walk you through the Tool and demonstrate the steps to complete award verification.

Determine Your Local Procedures

A critical planning step in preparing for award verification is to determine how your research team(s) will work together and use the Award Verification Tool to meet the requirement to verify each sponsored award at least quarterly. The Award Verification Tool was designed with built-in flexibility to meet the varied needs of different research teams.

To help determine how current practices can be leveraged to conduct award verification, you can

To learn more about award verification, visit the Award Verification page on the Controller’s Office website. If you have questions, please email the Award Verification project team at [email protected].