How to Use the Capital Equipment Internal Search in PeopleSoft

The Capital Equipment Internal Search page is a custom search page within PeopleSoft available to users with a role assignment in the Asset Management module (e.g., Custodian, Custodial Delegate, Curator, Maintenance, or RRP Admin). The page enables users to add specific search criteria to narrow the search results returned. Clicking a hyperlinked equipment record in the search results will open the equipment Asset Basic Information page for review or editing. Search criteria may be saved to rerun at a later date as needed.

This step-by-step guide explains how to use the custom Capital Equipment Internal Search page to locate specific equipment records.

How to Access the Capital Equipment Internal Search Page

  1. Sign into MyAccess (opens in new window). (not shown)
  2. Scroll down to locate and select PeopleSoft Financials from the application menu. If you have set MyAccess to display "Favorites", you may need to change to "All Apps" or search for PeopleSoft. (not shown)
  3. Click the Asset Management tile , followed by the Asset Management WorkCenter tile .
  4. Click Capital Equipment Internal Search from the Links section of your Asset Management WorkCenter. Find the link under the Manage Assets heading .

How to Search in the Capital Equipment Internal Search Page

  1. Enter desired search criteria. The search page contains numerous criteria to help narrow search results. Default search parameters limit results to the Campus Business Unit (SFCMP) , and the equipment Status of "In Service" .
    • Keyword: Enter one or more keywords separated by a comma (e.g., “Infrared, Fluorescence”) .
    • Dept ID: Click the magnifying glass to search for or enter the purchasing Department’s Dept ID to return all equipment for the department .
    • Component of ID: Click the magnifying glass to search by Tag# or Asset ID to view all equipment records that have been linked together as a system .
    • Placement Date: This is a customized field added to the Asset Information page. Custodians can update this field to indicate the actual date that equipment is received .
    • In a Core: Select Yes to include or No to not exclude equipment records in your search results that are flagged as part of a Core .
    • Shareable: Select Yes to return equipment records that have been flagged as shareable with accompanying contact information .
  2. After entering your criteria, Save your search to avoid reentry each time:
    1. Enter a name for your search in the Save Search field . If you receive the message, “No matching values were found.” ignore and continue naming your saved search.
    2. Click Save .
  3. Click Search to run the search with the entered criteria .
Load saved search criteria by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting your saved search name from the list. Then, click Search  to run the search query based on your saved criteria.

How to Access Additional Equipment Details from the Search Results

Search results are returned as a series of equipment rows and columns similar to an Excel spreadsheet. Use the scroll bars at the bottom and right of the page to view all details of the information returned.

  1. Click on active hyperlinks for an equipment record to access additional information:
    1. Asset ID: Opens the Asset Information page for the equipment record for review or edits .
    2. Keywords: Opens to the Keyword tab of the equipment record .
    3. Photo: Opens to the Photo tab of the equipment record .

How to Export Search Results to Excel

  1. On the left of the search results window, click the Grid Action Menu, followed by the Download Search Results Table to Excel link .
  2. Either download and save or open the file in Microsoft Excel. (not shown)
  3. If you receive a file format and extension message click Yes to trust the source and continue opening the file in Excel (not shown).

How to Sort and Reorder Search Results

Data in search results can be sorted by ascending or descending order based on the column header or headers selected to sort by:

  1. Click on any column heading. A black arrow will indicate if the column data is sorted in ascending or descending order. Click the heading again to reverse the order .
  2. Repeat step 1 to apply additional sorts on other columns (e.g., sort by Asset ID in ascending order, then by Tag Number in descending order).

How to Change the Order of Search Results Columns

The display order of columns in the returned data can be changed by dragging columns from one position to another.

  1. Click on a column name (e.g., Tag Number ) and hold the mouse button down. Drag the column to the new desired position in the displayed results and release the mouse button .
  2. In this example, Tag Number was moved before Asset ID .

How to Personalize Column and Sort Order

You can set a personalized Column Order and Sort Order that will be saved as your new default view.

  1. At the far left of the Search Results window, click the Grid Action Menu icon, followed by the Personalize link .




  1. Column headings are displayed in the Column Order section by order displayed in the search results from left to right.
  2. Highlight a column name by clicking on it and then use the following features to design your layout:
    • Click the Add to Sort icon to add columns to the Sort Order section .
    • Click the Move Up and Move Down icons for either section to change the column or sorting order .
    • To limit the number of columns returned in your results, select a column and check Hidden . “(hidden)” will display next to the column name. In your next search, only visible columns will be displayed.
    • Use the Frozen checkbox to lock columns so that they cannot be moved by the drag and drop feature . When highlighting a row to select this option all preceding columns will also be frozen and “(frozen)” will display next to the column name.
  3. To edit items moved to the Sort Order section, select a column name by clicking on it and then:
    • Check the Descending checkbox to sort the selected column in descending order .
    • Click the Remove from Sort icon to remove a column from the sort .
  4. You can preview changes made prior to exiting the page to confirm the options selected.
    • Click the Preview button located at the bottom of the page . A preview window will display below your personalized selections for review.
    • Click OK to confirm your selection or continue to make changes and preview .

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