Fee Remission Authorization/Cancellation Form

UCSF will provide full fee remission, to include resident tuition and fees and non-resident tuition (if applicable) for eligible graduate students who hold research (GSR), teaching assistant (TA), or tutor appointments for fall, winter, spring, or summer quarters. The cost of fee remission is borne by the fund source(s) that support the salary. Departments should complete and submit this Fee Remission form. To be eligible, the student must:

  1. Be registered at UC and be in good academic standing;
  2. Be appointed and paid at a minimum 25% as a GSR, TA, or tutor for the entire quarter for which fees are paid;
  3. Be appointed effective within the first week of instruction in the quarter for which fees are paid;
  4. Not have a fellowship or traineeship which provides fees;
  5. Not be on filing fee status
  6. Have one of the following Payroll Title Codes:
    • Graduate Student Researcher, Fee Remission (3282)
    • Teaching Assistant, Fee Remission (2312)
    • Tutor, Fee Remission (2862)

For more details, see the UCSF Fee Remission policy, along with other important information on the UCSF Graduate Division Financial Support page before completing this form.

See also Assistance for Students with Loans.

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