Preparing Cash Receipt and Credit Card Journals

Preparing Cash Receipt and Credit Card Journals

Cash and Credit Card journals in PeopleSoft are used to record payments received from third parties. Departments should not create journals for payments received for gifts, sponsored research, or department accounts receivable invoices; journals in these cases are handled centrally (see Handling Cash and Checks.) Journal Preparers and Journal Approvers are responsible for ensuring that all journal entries are reasonable and accurate based on the documentation, knowledge of the activity, and conformity to applicable UCSF Policies and outside agency requirements. 

See Establishing Journal Preparers and Approvers in PeopleSoft for the steps and training required to assign the Journal Preparer and/or Journal Approver role to a UCSF staff member.

At UCSF, source code is used to distinguish the different types of PeopleSoft journals. Each source code has specific rules and guidelines. Follow the instructions in How to Prepare, Edit, and Submit Cash Journals in PeopleSoft (Source Code 320) to prepare a cash receipt (source code 320) journal, and the instructions in How to Prepare, Edit, and Submit Credit Card Journals (Source Code 323) for credit card (source code 323) journals in PeopleSoft.

Journals should be prepared and approved weekly. Alternate Journal Approvers must be established and assigned to prevent backlogs when a primary department Journal Approver is on vacation or extended leave.

The financial system month-end close deadline for campus departments is the fifth business day of the following month. During month-end close, due to timing issues, departments may not have sufficient time to review the Unclaimed Payments List and prepare and post the cash journal. In this circumstance, it is acceptable for departments to post the journal in the following ledger month. Payments deposited and received at the beginning of a month before the month-end close for the prior month should not be processed until the period is open for the month.

If you have questions about cash receipt or credit card journals, contact a Cash Operations Team member.