Processing Interlocation (ITF) and Intercampus (IOC) Transactions

UCSF routinely conducts business with other campuses and with Office of the President (UCOP). This guide provides an overview of these transactions, describes how transactions are processed, and identifies resources for users who need assistance with related processing. These transactions are divided into the following categories:

Category Source Code(s)

Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITFs)

150, 574

Intercampus Orders & Charges (IOCs)


Intercampus Appointments


Intercampus Subcontracts


Because of the variety of intercampus transactions, it may be difficult to determine the correct category for your transaction. If you need assistance determining the nature of your transaction, please email or call the Controller’s Office Solution Center at [email protected] or 415-476-2126. The Controller’s Office will also assist in routing transactions to the appropriate party for processing.

Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITFs)

An ITF is a transfer of funding for a program or project between two UC campuses. This category of transaction requires a budget journal that posts directly to the UCOP ITF system (processed by Budget and Resource Management) and also has a corresponding transfer of funding through financial control/cash that posts in UCSF’s financial ledger (processed by the Controller’s Office). In order to process ITF entries, UCSF’s chartstring must be translated to the UCOP chartfield structure. For an ITF, the fund used at both campuses must have the same UCOP fund group code.

Forms required: UCSF units that intend to transfer funds to UCOP or another campus should complete the UCSF Interlocation Transfer of Funds Form. The form provides the UCSF chartstring that is the source of funds, and in working with the recipient campus, the chartstring information for the unit receiving the funds. The translation of the UCSF chartstring into the UCOP format will be completed by Budget and Resource Management. Once completed, submit forms to [email protected].

Contact info: If you have questions related to ITFs, please contact Kathleen Bates in Budget and Resource Management at [email protected] or at 415-502-3388.

Intercampus Orders & Charges (IOCs)

An IOC is a billing for costs (non-payroll charge/receipt) incurred at one UC campus or at UCOP by another UC campus or UCOP, resulting in an expense transfer. Intercampus financial control “cash” accounts are used to record financial transactions between UCSF and other UC campuses or UCOP, and function similar to an intercampus recharge. For Examples: Conference registrations for events held at another UC campus, deposits belonging to another campus but made at UCSF in error, items sold to another campus by UCSF, and travel fees for conferences/meetings.

Forms required: Complete an Intercampus Order and/or Charge (UFIN 116-2)

Contact info: If you have questions related to IOCs, please contact [email protected]. Once completed, forms should be submitted to [email protected].

Intercampus Appointments

Intercampus appointments are created for UC employees who work at two or more locations (campuses). Payroll processes and responds to all intercampus appointment journals. The Interlocation Transfer Appointment Form is used and includes either the host or home campus chartstring, description of service performed, dates of service, % allocation, or amount to be charged.

When UCSF is the home campus, departments will set up the appropriate suspense account as a distribution in the payroll system. UCSF will generate the payment to the employee and at the end of the month payroll will pull the distribution of payroll expense for each campus and prepare a journal to charge the other campus.

When UCSF is the host campus, the completed and approved Interlocation Transfer Appointment Form is then forwarded to the host campus for payment and preparation of response journal. The journal will post to Financial Control and payroll suspense account. At year-end, the payroll suspense account should be zero.

Forms required: For one-time payments use Interlocation One-Time Payment Form UPAY 644C-T; for appointments use the Temporary Interlocation or Multi-location Appointment Form UPAY 560-T. The (host/home) department completes the appropriate interlocation form, obtains approvals, and sends the completed form to the Payroll department. Payroll uses this form as the supporting documentation for the intercampus appointment journal.

Contact info: If you have questions related to intercampus appointments, email [email protected] with your inquiry. Your questions will be routed to the appropriate team.

Policy: See the Accounting Manual, Payroll: Interlocation Transfers and Appointments (P-196-38) for more information.

Intercampus Subcontracts

Intercampus subcontracts are sponsored subawards and/or intercampus research awards among UC campuses. These awards can be for sponsored funds or for non-sponsored funds (such as research awards funded by the state or by other UC programs). There are two processes for intercampus subcontracts, one for external sponsors and another for other UC programs.

  1. If the prime award is funded by an external sponsor (such as Federal, Private or Local sources), the central Contracts and Grants Accounting office for the respective campuses handles the intercampus reimbursement process (called IRR – Intercampus Request for Reimbursement). The recipient campus must submit its final claim no later than 60 days after the award period ends.
  2. If the prime award is funded by another UC program (including special state appropriations), the department should complete the UCSF Interlocation Transfer of Funds Form and follow the ITF process described above.

Forms required:

  1. For subcontracts on prime awards funded by an external sponsor, follow the procedure on the Office of Sponsored Research website to establish a subcontract out. All invoices are processed centrally by Accounts Payable in Supply Chain Management.
  2. For subcontracts funded by other UC programs, use the UCSF Interlocation Transfer of Funds Form

Contact info:

  1. For questions related to intercampus subcontracts on prime awards funded by an external sponsor, please contact the Subaward Team in Research Management Services (RMS) at [email protected].
  2. For invoice questions, contact UCSF Supply Chain Management Accounts Payable at [email protected] or 415-502-3331.
  3. For questions related to intercampus subcontracts funded by other UC programs, please contact Kathleen Bates in Budget and Resource Management at [email protected] or at 415-502-3388.
  4. For questions related to intercampus subcontracts funded by special state appropriations, please contact Contracts and Grants Accounting at [email protected].