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  • Paychecks for UCSF employees will be issued from UCPath beginning with the June 1, 2020 payday for monthly employees and the June 10, 2020 payday for biweekly employees. Electronic earnings statements for prior pay issued from UCSF's legacy payroll system continue to be available in At...
  • Contents Introduction Your Pay Status and Benefits Eligibility Maintaining Your Benefits While on Unpaid Leave Returning to Work Suspending Voluntary Payroll Deductions Introduction UCSF's Payroll Office is providing this information to help you manage your health and welfare...
  • If you lost your paper paycheck, have a damaged paycheck, or have a paycheck more than 180 days old, please contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center for assistance.  Review Options for Receiving Missed Pay if you did not receive your paycheck or were not paid in full.  To...
  • All UCSF employees are strongly encouraged to set up electronic direct deposit to receive their payroll earnings by direct deposit to up to three bank accounts on payday. Employees will enjoy several advantages when using this preferred payment method: Fast – earnings are available...
  • UCSF uses The Work Number to provide employment and income verifications for employees. The Work Number is a secure, automated service providing employees with the ability to quickly deliver proof of employment or income to authorized verifiers. The Work Number is available 24 hours a day,...
  • The CTO Election Form is used to indicate the employee’s option to ‘bank’ compensatory time; the default is to have compensatory time paid out.
  • Submit a benefits premium payment by credit card to the UCSF Payroll Office while you are on leave
  • Used primarily for all expense transfers of payroll originating in PPS and contained within the Distribution of Payroll Expense (DPE) Report in MyReports. It cannot be used to transfer charges from a non-capped fund to an NIH-capped fund or to only change the activity period or sub-account. Instructions for use are located in the first tab of the excel file.
  • To replace a lost, damaged or stale dated paycheck.
  • Used to increase or decrease the total number of hours or change the pay type for UCSF Health employees only.