Campus Dept ID Request Form

This form must be downloaded and opened in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. The form will not function in a browser window. Follow the instructions on the form carefully to ensure your request is correctly submitted!

The Dept ID (also referred to as Department ID) chartfield is a six-character alphanumeric value which identifies the organizational unit involved in, or responsible for, a transaction or resource. Dept ID is a required field on revenue, expense, and transfer transactions. Use this form to request a new Campus Dept ID if no Dept ID exists to represent a distinctly identifiable department, division, or unit of an organization. If the structure of an organization has changed, use this form to request moving of the Dept ID on the Dept ID tree and/or a Dept ID name change. Requests are coordinated centrally and submitted via Control Points. Complete the form and submit via email to your Control Point Approver. Submit a request to create or change only one Dept ID per form.