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  • The Annual Report on Private Support provides extensive information that demonstrates the impact of philanthropic giving on the University of California. Each year's report is presented to the Board of Regents in a public session of a regents meeting, then posted online. The system summary and the section for each of the individual campuses indicate the private support received directly by the university and the support given via campus foundations. The annual report also provides other information on campus foundations.
  • Examples of year-end processes as described in "Methods for Spending Gift and Endowment Income Funds" in Receiving, Booking, and Spending Gift and Endowment Funds.
  • Prior to spending, foundation gift and endowment income balances must be transferred from the Foundation Business Unit (SFFDN) to the Campus (SFCMP) or Medical Center (SFMED) Business Units. This document addresses the guidelines and PeopleSoft procedures required to complete a transfer of gift and endowment funds. Refer to Financial Journals (Source Code 535) for additional instructions on creating financial journals. See Reviewing and Approving or Denying PeopleSoft Journals for additional detail on the journal review and approval process.
  • Thank you for your interest in making a gift to the University or California, San Francisco. We are grateful for your support! To make a gift to UC San Francisco or the UCSF Foundation please visit Giving to UCSF for more information including what to support and ways to give. Following are specific instructions on how to make donations by wire transfer, donating stock and mutual funds, and accepting Credit Card donations manually when unable to do so on the Giving to UCSF site.
  • Article Contents Receiving and Booking Gifts UCSF General Endowment Pool Accumulations of Endowment Income - Five Year Rule Methods for Spending Gift and Endowment Income Funds Transferring Gift & Endowment Income Funds Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) Funds Contact Information Receiving and Booking Gifts
  • This reference is provided to outline the definitions of, and differences between commonly used Gift Administration terminology. What is meant by Private Support? Private support is a Council For Advancement & Support For Education (CASE) management reporting standard that includes all gifts and private grants provided by private (i.e., non-governmental) entities in support of the institution’s missions.  
  • Investment Guidelines for the Endowed Investment Pool
  • Establishing Journal Preparers and Approvers in PeopleSoft Take the two-part online course “Understanding PeopleSoft Journals” in the UC Learning Center. Completion of this course is required for access to PeopleSoft General Ledger and Journals. Journal Preparers must complete Understanding Journals: Journal Preparer Actions (opens in new window).
  • UCSF Foundation's endowed investment pool is the Foundation's primary investment vehicle for endowed gifts. A portion of the endowment pool is expended annually and the amount of distribution is determined by the payout policy of the Foundation, modified by donors' wishes where applicable. The distribution for individual funds within the pool is based on the average of the fund's invested share for each quarter of the fiscal year. The payout policy is reviewed annually and is subject to modification. The payout if distributed annually, following the close of the fiscal year. Undistributed income and gains from investment activities are reinvested in the endowment pool.
  • Competed IRS Form W-9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
  • Complete this form when a new parent Project is needed for a current use gift.
  • Complete this form when a new parent Project is needed for an endowment.
  • Form Instructions Use this form for ALL capital project transfers and for transfers greater than $1M. If you have any questions about the transfer of funds process or need help completing this form, contact Gift & Foundation Accounting.
  • Instructions The Statement of Economic Interest Form (700-U) must be completed when a research gift is given to the University of California San Francisco or to the UCSF Foundation from a non-governmental entity for a specific research project or for the use of a specific faculty member. Non-governmental entities include private business partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and non-profit foundations including matching gifts and gifts from donor advised funds. The 700-U Form must be completed only by the Principal Investigator or by the faculty member.
  • Used for all gifts from industry and corporate foundations and should be submitted to Gift Administration with accompanying correspondence and documentation.
  • Complete this letter when accepting a gift of Continuing Education (CE), Continuing Medical Education (CME), or other education activities on behalf of the University. Instructions are included on the downloaded form letter.
  • For gifts from faculty & staff, & their immediate families to support research.
  • To make a donation of stocks, mutual funds, or other securities: Please call or email the UCSF Foundation Gift Administration Team. We will provide instructions and assistance with preparing the details of your gift prior to initiating a transfer of securities.
  • All gifts to University of California San Francisco (UCSF) or University of California San Francisco Foundation (UCSF Foundation) should be sent to the UCSF Foundation's Union Bank of California Lockbox along with copies of relevant backup documentation for deposit and processing by Gift Administration.