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Alma Martinez
Director - Accounts Receivable and Banking Services
  • The live instructor-led Non-Payroll Stipend Process presentation is designed as a complete guide through every aspect of handling non-payroll stipends including, but not limited to: How to use/submit the required template Handling a nonresident alien Reporting challenges Duration: 90 minutes Note, if the registration screen states "This activity is no longer available for registration" there are currently no available sessions. Subscribe to the Controller's Office newsletter for announcements of new sessions. Click on the Subscribe tab and follow the instructions to sign up.
  • Follow these step-by-step instructions for using the Stipend Payment Request Application to request non-payroll stipend payments for students, Clinical Fellows, and Visiting Scholars.
  • This guide provides step-by-step instructions for completing a PeopleSoft journal to properly offset student tuition and fees.
  • This guide outlines how to submit stipend requests.
  • Student Accounting provides individualized assistance to UCSF students who have active loans.  If you need to postpone your loan payments, please contact Maria Maniego in the Student Accounting department for help in choosing an option listed below.
  • The Student Accounting Team works with departments to disburse funds to students and post doctoral candidates.  Stipends A stipend is a payment made to an individual under a fellowship or training grant in accordance with pre-established levels to provide for the individual's living expenses during the period of training. A stipend is not considered to be compensation for the services expected of an employee. The Stipend Payment Request application allows departments to submit an Excel spreadsheet to request stipend payments for students, Clinical Fellows, and Visiting Scholars.
  • This Quick Reference Guide explains the procedures for payment remittance for student accounting. Instructions include payment remittance procedures for both paper checks and electronic funds transfer (EFT).