Department Accounts Receivable Invoice

This form must be downloaded and opened in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. The form will not function in a browser window. Follow the instructions on the form carefully to ensure your request is correctly submitted!

Department accounts receivable (Dept A/R) invoices are provided to external customers (those not affiliated with the University of California) who use UCSF property or receive goods or services, and do not make payment at the time of service. Departments should create and submit the invoice to the Controller’s Office within two business days of providing goods or services to an outside customer.

Dept A/R excludes sponsored projects and student, employee, and UCSF Health related receivables. Dept A/R is not applicable to business conducted with other campuses or with the Office of the President (UCOP); see Handling ITF and IOC for procedures related to Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITFs) and Intercampus Orders & Charges (IOCs).

TIP: Download a new invoice form for each invoice rather than reusing an existing invoice to ensure you are using the current form and to avoid potential processing issues.


  1. Download the form using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader using the link above.
    • The invoice form contains features that will only function within Adobe software.
    • If you are using a PC, you may need to click the up arrow and select "Open in system viewer" to open the invoice form in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader; do not use a browser by selecting "Open".
  2. Complete the grey-shaded fields.
    • Leave the Billing Date and Invoice Number fields blank; these will be completed by the Controller’s Office.
    • Use the Page Number fields (e.g., 1 of 3) to denote the total number of pages including supporting documentation. Be sure to include the supporting documentation as an attachment with your email request.
    • Invoice amounts are automatically totaled in the Total Due Upon Receipt field.
    • If your invoice requires more than 10 description lines, create a second page using the Date of Service/Description/Amount section of the invoice template.
  3. Click the Save to submit to AR button to save a copy of the completed form to your computer.
  4. Email the completed invoice along with supporting documentation as attachments to: [email protected]. Your email will create a ServiceNow ticket.

The Controller’s Office will review the request, enter the billing date, assign an invoice number, and send the invoice and supporting documentation to the customer via email. The Controller's Office will submit the invoice through the external customer's portal rather than by email, where required. 

If changes to an existing invoice are needed, email details to [email protected] for instructions.

If you receive questions from external customers about how to pay a Dept A/R invoice, refer them to Department Accounts Receivable Remittance Information. This webpage includes the information required to make payment by electronic funds transfer (wire or ACH) or by check when an electronic funds transfer is not possible.