Statement of Economic Interest Form (700-U)


The Statement of Economic Interest Form (700-U) must be completed when a research gift is given to the University of California San Francisco or to the UCSF Foundation from a non-governmental entity for a specific research project or for the use of a specific faculty member. Non-governmental entities include private business partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and non-profit foundations including matching gifts and gifts from donor advised funds. The 700-U Form must be completed only by the Principal Investigator or by the faculty member.

View a list of sponsors exempt from the 700-U Form requirement on the UC Office of the President website.

Incomplete forms or those containing positive responses will require review by the Chancellor's Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee (COIAC). Pending this review the gift cannot be accepted and will be held in an unallocated account.

Send the original, signed and completed 700-U form with a copy of all backup documents (gift transmittal form, correspondence, check copy) to:

Conflict of Interest Division
Office of Sponsored Research
Box 0294

Send the following to Gift Administration:

  • Copy of signed 700-U form with the annotation that the original was forwarded to Conflict of Interest Division at UCSF Box 0294
  • Original check
  • Gift Transmittal Form
  • Correspondence and Conditions of Gift Award Letter
  • Envelope

For gifts sent by mail:

P.O. Box 45339
San Francisco, CA 94145-0339

For gifts sent by courier requiring that a street address be specified:

Lockbox/Item Processing Operations
MUFG Union Bank,N.A.
Attn: UCSF Foundation Lockbox 45339
1751 Harbor Way Parkway
Suite 100
Alameda, CA 94502

If you have questions please contact Gift Administration Customer Service.