Establishing Journal Preparers and Approvers in PeopleSoft

Establishing Journal Preparers and Approvers in PeopleSoft

  1. Take the online course “Understanding PeopleSoft Journals” in the UC Learning Center. Completion of this course is required for access to PeopleSoft General Ledger and Journals.
    • Journal Preparers must complete Parts 1 and 2 of the online course
    • Journal Approvers must complete Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the online course
    • Notify your manager and department Access Administrator of the date you completed the training so that PeopleSoft access can be requested.
  2. The Access Administrator submits the request for access to PeopleSoft Journals using the Access Management System available in MyAccess.
  3. Obtain your Journal Preparer ID following the steps below.

Obtaining your Journal Preparer ID

UCSF uses a journal naming convention. Using this preferred method, you can quickly find any journal you have created.

  1. Download and review the Journal ID List
  2. Select a three character code that is not being used (e.g., not already on the Journal ID List)
  3. Provide the following information to Aurora Cabarogias after you make your selection:
    • Three letter code selected
    • Journal Preparer Name
    • Phone Number
    • Department Name
    • Department Box Number