Submitting Sundry Debtor Invoices

Sundry Debtor is an invoice billed to external customers (not affiliated with UC) for use of UCSF properties or services. Departments must first be established as a Sundry Debtor Customer before they can submit requests for invoices to be sent to external customers.

Payments can be made either in the form of check, a wire transfer, or ACH. Sundry debtor checks should only be deposited by the Controller’s Office. If your department receives the check, please forward it to the Controller’s Office (Attention: Cash and Controls Team, Box 0815) for deposit.  See Sundry Debtor Payment Options & Remittance Procedures for additional information.

Controller’s Office provides department with aging reports and dunning letters on a monthly basis in order to facilitate collection efforts by department. Any unpaid invoice over 180 days will be charged back to department revenue.

Establishing Your Department as a Sundry Debtor Customer

Before a department can create and request invoices to send to its sundry debtors, it must be established as a "customer" in PeopleSoft's Sundry System by the Controller’s Office. To establish your department as a Sundry System Customer, provide the following to [email protected]:

  • Department client information:
    • Client Name
    • Client address
  • Department contact person (preparer) information:
    • Employee Name
    • Employee ID
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Dept ID

Submitting Sundry Debtor Invoices

Download and complete the Sundry Debtor Invoice. See the job aid for detailed instructions.  You can also view an example completed Sundry Debtor Invoice.

Email the completed invoice form and any supporting documentation as attachments to: [email protected].

The Controller’s Office will review the request, assign an invoice number, and send the invoice to the customer via email.  The deadline for submitting Sundry Debtor Invoice requests is the last business day of each month. Invoice requests are processed within two days of receipt except during the first week of each month due to system batch processing for the prior month's closing (during year-end fiscal close, PeopleSoft will open for July processing after the interim cutoff).  Upon generation of the Sundry Debtor invoice, the Controller's Office records the receivable and associated revenue in the University's financial records. 

If the form you completed is blank when saved, follow these instructions:

  1. Instead of clicking the Save As button, click File > Print from the Adobe menu or click the printer icon in the toolbar
  2. When the printer dialog menu displays, choose “Adobe PDF” from the printer drop -down menu ; then click the Print button
  3. When the file is rendered a “Save PDF File As” dialog box displays; navigate to the desired folder
  4. Enter a name in the File name box
  5. Click the Save button then follow the above email instructions


  • The billing date should not be backdated. If the billing date is backdated, the email request date will become the billing date.
  • The billing date should not be a future date. If the billing date is in the future, the transaction will not be displayed in MyReports until after the invoice date.
  • If a Sundry Debtor Invoice is used as a credit memo, the department needs to specify the invoice to which the credit should be applied.
  • Departments should not modify the amount on the invoice without notifying the Controller's Office.