How to Navigate in the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

How to Navigate in the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

Select from the training options below to learn how to navigate in the Peoplesoft Fluid User Interface (UI). This introduction provides a general overview of the components most commonly used by department administrators at UCSF. To learn about the steps to navigate to a specific page, refer to training materials available on the Controller's Office website.

eLearning: How to Navigate in the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

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Demonstration Video: How to Prepare for the PeopleSoft Financial System Upgrade

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During the March 2021 upgrade of the PeopleSoft Financial System, the Controller’s Office hosted weekly sessions to demonstrate the key navigation features of the new Fluid UI. Watch a recording of the March 8, 2021 demonstration session (MyAccess login required).

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions were submitted during the demonstration sessions. If you have additional questions about using UCSF's PeopleSoft Financial System, contact the IT Service Desk (opens in new window).


I understand that some pages can only be accessed using the Navigator menu and not via the new tile navigation. How do I determine if a page I need is only accessible using the Navigator menu?

Job aids for data entry procedures available on the Controller's Office website provide the current Fluid UI navigation steps, including navigation to pages only accessible using the Navigator menu. If you are unable to find a page after the upgrade, try searching for it using the Global Search feature. If you are still unable to find a page, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.


Does the "New Window" feature allow users to open multiple journal entries at the same time?

Yes. PeopleSoft allows you to open multiple instances of the Create/Update Journal Entry page. Keep in mind that timeout rules apply when any open tab or window is idle for 30 minutes. As a best practice, close additional tabs or windows when you are finished using them.


Will the new Approvals tile show pending Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) approvals?

Yes. Depending on your role, you may see items pending your approval from across various transaction types. Keep in mind that you will continue to see these items in your Worklist as well.


Will journals that are not yet posted be available after the upgrade? Will I be able to search for journals that posted prior to the upgrade?

Journals in all statuses will be available after the upgrade. This includes posted journals, journals that have been saved and not yet submitted, and journals that have been submitted and not yet approved.


Are there any changes to the journal entry page?

Journal Preparers can expect no changes to data entry procedures to prepare and process journals. On some screens you will see minor formatting changes. You can review revised training materials on the Controller's Office website for step-by-step instructions, including updated screenshots illustrating any formatting changes.


Will the flat file journal submission process continue to be available after the upgrade?

Yes. The procedures for flat file journal submissions for authorized users have not changed.


Can I enable frequently used pages to show up directly on my homepage?

At this time, you cannot add other pages or components as tiles to your homepage. We recommend you try using the new navigation collection menus or access My Favorites from the NavBar.


Can you anchor or pin the NavBar to permanently display on the page?

The NavBar cannot be anchored or pinned to remain open. You will need to click the compass icon to open the NavBar each time.


Can you provide links to the updated job aids?

Job aids have been updated for PeopleSoft data entry steps across the General Ledger, RAS, and Capital Asset Management modules in PeopleSoft. To find updated job aids, we recommend you review the How-To Guides section of the relevant unit page on the Controller's Office website:


How do you export a journal entry to Excel while viewing the journal entry?

You will find a link to download to Excel after clicking the Grid Action Menu icon in relevant sections of the Lines, Errors, and Approval tabs of the Create/Update Journal Entries page (or other pages where this option is available). You may also prefer to print or save a journal to PDF.


How do you add a page as a Favorite?

View a brief demo in the eLearning training referenced above: My Favorites (opens in new window)


How do you use My Preferences?

My Preferences can be accessed from the NavBar and offers the same features as clicking the "My Personalizations" link in the previous version of PeopleSoft. My Preferences allows you to update general system settings, including regional and language options. If you need further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk.