Student Accounting for Administrators

Student Accounting for Administrators

The Student Accounting Team works with departments to disburse funds to students and post doctoral candidates. 


A stipend is a payment made to an individual under a fellowship or training grant in accordance with pre-established levels to provide for the individual's living expenses during the period of training. A stipend is not considered to be compensation for the services expected of an employee. The Stipend Payment Request application allows departments to submit an Excel spreadsheet to request stipend payments for students, Clinical Fellows, and Visiting Scholars.

Stipends for a Graduate Student Researcher from federal sources is not typically allowed. For information on providing additional compensation to a Graduate Student Researcher, please see Graduate Student Compensation Guidance quick reference guide.

Termination of Appointments for National Research Service Award (NRSA) Recipients

The Termination Notice (TN) documents the termination of appointments for National Research Service Award (NRSA) recipients. This summary of work accomplished, support period, stipends received, and post-training activity is required of all recipients immediately after termination. The Program Director (PD)/Principal Investigator (PI) is the only person that can initiate or assign the TN. Use of the eRA Commons xTrain system is required to prepare and submit the 416-7 Termination Notice form. The Termination Notice must be submitted within 30 days of the recipient’s termination date. See the NIH Termination of Appointment job aid for detailed instructions on how to complete necessary actions in xTrain.

Offsetting Student Tuition and Fees

Offsets are given either by the Financial Aid Office as an award to the student or by the department to students who usually receive stipends.

Departmental offsets are created via PeopleSoft Offset Journal (source code 53O). Review How to Prepare, Edit, and Submit Offset Journals in PeopleSoft (Source Code 53O) for step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a journal in PeopleSoft.

Financial Aid Offsets are processed through their system called PowerFaids which interfaced with the Student Information System (registrar's system) overnight. It uses the account 54202 only (plus DFP) and will only post in the ledger once the SiS data is loaded to the Student Accounts Receivable system (PeopleSoft).

Student and Emergency Loans

UCSF Student Financial Aid offers an emergency loan program. These short-term, low interest rate loans are designed to support students during a financial emergency. For more information or to request a loan, contact the Student Financial Aid office (opens in new window).