Submitting Stipend Payment Requests

Submitting Stipend Payment Requests

What is a stipend?

A stipend is a payment made to an individual under a fellowship or training grant in accordance with pre-established levels to provide for the individual's living expenses during the period of training. A stipend is not considered compensation for the services expected of an employee.  If you are unsure whether to submit your stipend request through the Stipend Payment Request Application or payroll, contact your Human Resources Specialist for guidance on how to pay the stipend based on classification of the program and fellow.

How to request a stipend payment

The Student Accounting Team facilitates payment of stipends for the UCSF campus using the Stipend Payment Request application. The Stipend Payment Request allows departments to submit an Excel spreadsheet to request payments from multiple fund sources for a single or multiple individuals in a single transaction. Use the application to request stipend payments for students, Clinical Fellows, and Visiting Scholars.

Review the detailed steps described in the job aid before uploading a request using the Stipend Payment Request application (MyAccess login is required). Be sure to review your request before you submit. Corrections are made manually and may delay processing of your stipend(s).

Avoid these common errors

  • Download a new version of the template for each request - do not reuse a previous template
  • UCID is always 10 digits.  Student ID S023456789.  Visiting Scholars/Fellows ID 0023456789.
  • Activity Period is required for all sponsored projects
    • Sponsored projects Project ID always ends with an alphabetic character (123791A).
  • Non-Resident Alien stipends: before you submit a stipend request, email the Student Accounting Team to verify that all tax documentation has been completed.  NRA payees complete the online verification process using Glacier.  If the NRA payee does not obtain a social security number prior to submission of the stipend request, 30% federal taxes will be withheld from their payments.
  • Direct Deposit: Student and Visiting Scholar payees should submit a Non-Payroll Direct Deposit Request. All other stipend recipients should use UCPath.

Corrections and Reports

If you need to make a correction to a processed stipend, contact the Student Accounting Team.  Each correction takes up to 15 minutes to process per voucher.

Steps to take

  1. Retrieve the exact voucher numbers for the stipends in questions by downloading the Stipend Report from UCSF Box
    1. If you do not already have access to this report, please contact Melinda Howard for access.
  2. Using the Stipend Report, send an email to [email protected] listing the voucher numbers and the exact change you are requesting
    1. We cannot make mass changes. Each correction to a stipend must be made on each individual voucher. Telling us the vouchers you would like corrected will help prevent misunderstandings or errors.

If you have questions about a stipend or the Stipend Payment Request process, contact the Student Accounting Team.