Book Travel to UCSF for Guests and Third-Party Affiliates

Travel arrangements can be made for guests (non-UC employees) and third-party affiliates by selecting the guest template in Connexxus. Note that you will be prompted to enter the traveler’s name as it appears on their official government photo ID such as a driver’s license for domestic travel and passport for international travel.  You should obtain the traveler’s cell phone number for airline and/or travel agency updates.

Departments can also reimburse a guest for their travel expenses. To reimburse guest travel, use the guest travel expense option in MyExpense to submit a reimbursement request on the guest’s behalf. Be sure to check the upper left corner of your MyExpense screen to ensure that you are not administering the request for yourself (default mode). For more details, view these two job aids on how to Grant Delegated Access and how to Submit Expense Reports on Behalf of Others.

Maximum Travel Rates

It is the traveler’s responsibility to report his or her actual travel expenses in a timely and ethical manner.

The travel policy establishes daily expense maximums based on the US Department of State’s per diem rates for a particular destination. Further limitations may be applied by funding sources or departmental budgets and exceptions might be considered with justification, but should not be presumed.  Note that the University does not pay "per diem" for domestic travel but rather reimburses for actual expenses as documented by receipts up to the per diem rate.