State of California Awards - Appropriations and Billing

A special state appropriation is a type of agreement which is a hybrid between a sponsored project and internal University of California agreement.

Special state appropriations exist for all four tenets of the Mission Statement of the University of California, San Francisco: Instruction, Research, Patient Care and Public Service.

For research purposes, a special state appropriation is a study that has been approved for funding internally by a University of California program. In this regard, a special state program has features of an intramural agreement.

The primary University of California statewide research programs are:

  • California Breast Cancer Research Program CBCRP
  • California HIV-AIDS Research Program CHRP
  • California Health Benefits Research Program CHBRP
  • California Institute for Science and Innovation QB3
  • Tobacco and Related Diseases Research Program TRDRP

UC Research Initiatives include:

  • Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
  • Industry-University Collaboration and Innovation
  • Multi-campus Research Programs and Initiatives
  • UC Laboratory Fees Research Grant

Claims for reimbursement of research related costs for special state appropriations are sent to the State of California, based upon statutory budget period and award limits. In this regard, a special state program has features of a sponsored award.

The annual Approved State Budget contains a list of approved amounts allocated to the University for General State Support (199XX funds) and Special State Appropriations * (180XX funds). The Office of the President--Budget Office assigns fund numbers for each budget item or subitem on the list and allocates applicable portions of these items to the campuses. Campuses are responsible for spending and claiming only the amounts allocated to them by Office of the President--Budget Office. Although the systemwide total allocated by the State cannot be overclaimed, if an individual campus submits claim requests for more than its allocation, the amount overclaimed must be paid from amounts allocated to other campuses.

The State allows the University to claim expenditures for three years, i.e., one year to encumber the funds, and two years to clear encumbrances. However, for General State Support (199XX funds), reimbursement cannot be claimed for expenditures if a purchase order was issued in a prior year, or for any expenditures claimed against prior year liens or blanket purchase orders.

In order to bill the State of California:

  • During Award Setup : CGA completes the UCOP Fund Number field (see below information on Fund Numbers.
  • After Award Setup : The Department makes a request of UCOP for an Inter-Location Transfer of Funds (ITF).
  • UCOP issues the ITF journal to the Budget Office. The Budget Office forwards the approved ITF Journal to CGA.
  • CGA creates the budget in RAS based on the ITF.

UCOP Fund Numbers

For billing purposes, when completing a state claim for reimbursement, a five digit fund number is required.

The UCOP fund ranges for special state appropriations are the following

  • 18000 – 18199
  • 19000 - 19199