Accessing Payroll and Personnel Record Information with OLPPS

OLPPS, the Online Payroll and Personnel System, is used by authorized users at the University of California to document, search, update, and verify employee payroll and personnel information stored in an Employee Database (commonly referred to as EDB). OLPPS is the system of record for payroll and personnel.

OLPPS Functions

Getting Started with OLPPS

OLPPS Inquiry (online) training or the instructor led OLPPS Entry/Update class is required to obtain access to OLPPS including OPTRS. Go to the UC Learning Center and search for "OLPPS" to enroll in OLPPS Inquiry training. Contact the Controller's Office Solution Center at [email protected] or 415.476.2126 to arrange for instructor led OLPPS Entry/Update training. Additional optional OPTRS training is also available through the UC Learning Center.

Only Department Access Administrators may request access for staff using AutoAccess (available via MyAccess).