Intercampus/Multi-campus Appointments

Intercampus appointments are created for UC employees who work at two or more locations (campuses). One location/campus serves as the employee's home campus; other locations/campuses are host campuses. Home campuses pay the employee and use intercampus journals (source code 53X) to transfer costs to the host campus(es). It is important for both home and host campus departments to work closely together to ensure that employees are paid properly and timely.

When UCSF is the home campus, the department requests the set up of the appropriate suspense account as a distribution in the payroll system. UCSF will generate the payment to the employee and, at the end of the month, Payroll will prepare an intercampus appointment journal to charge the host campus.

When UCSF is the host campus, the completed and approved interlocation form (see below) is forwarded to the home campus for payment and preparation of a response journal. The response journal posts to Financial Control and payroll suspense account. At year-end, the payroll suspense account should be zero.

Required Forms

The host/home department completes the appropriate interlocation form, obtains approvals, and sends the completed form to Payroll. Payroll uses this form as the supporting documentation for the intercampus appointment journal. Payroll processes and responds to all intercampus appointment journals.

If you have questions related to intercampus appointments, please contact Carolyn Hom in the Controller’s Office.