Using WebPAN

WebPAN is an Online Payroll and Personnel System (OLPPS) application that allows Mandatory and Non-mandatory Reviewers to review Post-Authorization Notification (PAN) actions. 

Employees with OLPPS  Employee Database (EDB) access are automatically granted access to WebPAN.

When an EDB and PAY transaction is generated in OLPPS, PAN Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Reviewers receive a post authorization notification (PAN) via email and the PAN is delivered to reviewers' WebPAN Inbox. In addition, WebPAN users are able to retrieve PANs by Action Code, Employee ID, Reviewer ID, or Preparer ID and/or Department Code (for up to 6 months).

Using the WebPAN Application

Log on

  1. Log on to PPSWeb (via MyAccess) with the CICS OLPPS UserID and Password.
  2. The Main Menu displays with four Post Authorization Notification (PAN) Functions: InboxDirectoryNotification Selection, and Audit Review.

PAN Functions

  • Inbox: PAN notifications for the specific PAN Reviewer
  • Directory: The full list of existing PAN Reviewers. Users may search reviewers by Name (using Last Name), UserID or Department (using Dept Code).
  • Notification Selection: Users may search PAN by Type, Date and Department/Employee ID/Preparer ID/Reviewer ID.
  • Audit Review: Review the Mandatory Reviewer PAN Review status by Mandatory Reviewer User ID or by Department.

OLPPS PAN Reviewer

A PAN Reviewer must complete review within 24 hours of notification and before the Pay Compute deadline [see OPTRS/EDB Online Processing Schedule]. PAN Reviewers take corrective action if a transaction is not appropriate and provide follow-up until any remaining questions are resolved. They review all transactions for:

  • Correctness
  • Appropriateness 
  • Accuracy
  • Compliance with labor laws, UC payroll/personnel policies and procedures, fund source restrictions, and other applicable regulations.

If the Mandatory Reviewer is not available to conduct timely PAN reviews, it is the responsibility of the Mandatory Reviewer to inform both the Preparer and the Back-up Reviewer that he or she is not able to perform this function.

Each department identifies specific individuals to be PAN Reviewers. An individual may be designated to review PAN notices for EDB transactions, OPTRS transactions, or both. Departments are required to have at least one mandatory and one backup PAN Reviewer to ensure data integrity, internal controls, compliance with UCSF policies, and to check for the possibility of entries that could result in fraudulent payments and loss of University funds.

PAN Reviewers are setup by the Payroll Office at the written request of the MSO. The request must include:

  • Employee Name
  • Employee ID
  • Home Department
  • Employee Email Address
  • Classification Category [if applicable]
  • Authorized Dept Codes to Review
  • Authorization to review Dept ID plus children
  • Mandatory or backup reviewer
  • Specify EDB, OPTRS, or both