MyReports Access & Availability

Requesting Access

Within MyReports, access is limited by roles that determine which reports a user can view and access. User access is not further limited to a specific department, project or other data subset; users will be able to retrieve data across the institution. There are seven MyReports roles:

  1. Financial Role
  2. HR Data Role
  3. Projections Role
  4. UCSF Health Financial Reporting Role (limited to UCSF Health only)
  5. UCSF Health Management Reporting Role (limited to UCSF Health only)
  6. Ad Hoc Role
  7. Faculty/Principal Investigator Role

Faculty/Principal Investigators are automatically provisioned with the faculty role when they are identified as an Award/Parent PI/Manager, Project PI/Manager, or Lab Owner (attributes of the Project chartfield).

For all other roles, employees should work with their manager to determine which roles are necessary. The UCSF Health Financial Reporting Role provides approved UCSF Health staff access to financial reports limited to data within UCSF Health using UCSF Health specific filter criteria. The UCSF Health Management Reporting Role provides approved UCSF Health managers access to Labor Productivity and Monthly Variance reports using UCSF Health specific filter criteria.  The Ad Hoc role is intended for data experts capable of developing their own queries without support. All requests for the Ad Hoc role require the approval of the Control Point.

Only Department Access Administrators may submit requests for access; managers should notify their Department Access Administrator which roles to request for the user. UCSF Health staff must submit a completed Financial System Application Request (FSAR) form to a Department Access Adminstrator when requesting access to MyReports. Access Administrators use the Access Management application (available via MyAccess) to request, change, or deactivate MyReports roles for individual users. Access Administrators use AutoAccess (available via MyAccess) to request access to WebLinks for staff who need historical (through February 2014) data reporting.


MyReports is available 24x7, except for the third weekend of the month for scheduled maintenance. Please note that between the hours of 8 and 10 p.m. there may be periods of intermittent unavailability due to application/system update activities.

Note that MyReports includes data beginning with Fiscal Year 2013-14. Historical data (through the February 2014 ledger) in the previous chart of accounts can be viewed using WebLinks.