Chartfield Inquiries: Function

The Function chartfield is a two-character alphanumeric value which fulfills internal and external reporting requirements to track higher education functional classifications. Function code also determines how costs are treated in the research Facilities & Administrative (F&A) or indirect cost rate calculation. For this purpose, it is particularly important that costs are accurately coded and are consistent with OMB Circular A-21 (Federal) functional definitions. Function also facilitates internal mission-based reporting. Function is a required field on revenue, expense, and transfer transactions; it is not used with Asset, Liability, or Equity accounts.

Function Code Description
40 Instruction
41 Clinical Education
42 Medical Centers, Teaching Hospitals
43 Academic Support
44 Organized and Sponsored Research
45 Faculty Support
46 Clinical Operations (Patient Care)
60 Libraries
62 Public Service
64 Operation and Maintenance of Plant
68 Student Services
72 Institutional Support and General Administration
76 Auxiliary Enterprises
78 Student Financial Aid
79 ICR Research
80 Provisions for Allocation (Budgetary only)
81 Capital Projects