SpeedTypes Lookup

A SpeedType is a 6 to 10 character shortcut key which can be used in many transactional systems including BearBuy, Connexxus, MyCores, and MyExpense. Establishment and use of SpeedTypes is recommended for situations where some system users (such as BearBuy Requesters and MyExpense self-preparers) are unfamiliar with the full financial chartstring. When a SpeedType is entered in these systems, it is expanded to the full chartstring (except for Account).

Departments are responsible for creating and maintaining SpeedTypes. Following a naming convention for SpeedTypes is highly recommended and will make searching for SpeedTypes more efficient.

SpeedTypes are effective dated and cannot be used for transactions prior to the effective date. Upon creation, the effective date defaults to the current date; SpeedType creators can enter a prior date but entering a date in the past will not change historical data.

SpeedTypes do not constitute purchasing authority.