Locating Unclaimed Bank Deposits Transferred to the Central Fund

A new file, Unclaimed Bank Deposits Transferred to the Central Fund, has been added to the Controller’s Office Cash, ACH & Wires folder in Box. It lists all bank deposits unclaimed for thirteen or more months that were transferred in fiscal years 2020-21 and 2021-22 to the Central Fund.

Funds transferred to the Central Fund are still available for your department to claim using a cash journal. To claim funds:

  1. Follow the procedures outlined in How to Prepare, Edit, and Submit Cash Journals in PeopleSoft (Source Code 320).
  2. Notify the Controller’s Office Cash and Controls team by emailing your cash Journal ID to [email protected].

Do you have unpaid invoices? Review the latest consolidated file in Box to look for your unclaimed funds: Unclaimed Cash, ACH & Wires through 2022.07.31. If you require access to Box, email your request to [email protected]. Read more about identifying cash deposits on the Controller’s Office website.

If you have ideas for how we can improve your user experience locating unclaimed payments, please let us know by emailing [email protected].