Understanding the Payment Process for Petty Cash Check Requests

Fulfilling check requests to establish or replenish petty cash funds is a two-step process. Here’s what happens after you submit your petty cash check request form and how to get help during each step in the process.

Step One: Review and Approval by Controller’s Office Cash and Controls

Petty cash check request forms submitted to the Cash and Controls Service Desk generate a ServiceNow ticket. The Controller’s Office Cash and Controls Team reviews requests within two business days and will contact the Petty Cash Custodian or department requestor if there are any issues.

Approved requests are forwarded to Accounts Payable in Supply Chain Management (SCM) for payment. Upon submission to Accounts Payable, the ServiceNow ticket is closed, and the Petty Cash Custodian or department will receive notification.

If you have questions about completing or submitting check request forms, email the Cash and Controls Service Desk.

Step Two: Payment Disbursement by Supply Chain Management Accounts Payable

Under SCM’s Accounts Payable guidelines (opens in new window), payments are made approximately 10 days after receipt of the properly completed documents from the Controller’s Office.

If you need to inquire about the payment status of your request, contact Accounts Payable through the SCM Response Team (opens in new window).

As a reminder, Accounts Payable became part of Supply Chain Management in 2018. The Controller’s Office is not able to provide payment status updates on check requests forwarded to Accounts Payable.