UCSF Prepares for New UCOP Financial Reporting Requirement

UC Office of the President (UCOP) has established a new Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA) that is standardized across UC systemwide financial applications. The systemwide CCOA was designed to create consistency while allowing UC locations to maintain local charts of accounts within the established framework. It has been designed to enhance reporting, budgeting, and financial management and to reduce extensive and expensive data reconciliations UCOP prepares across UC locations.

UCSF reports our financial activity to UCOP. While our UCSF chart of accounts is not changing, we must align it to the new UCOP CCOA. The Controller’s Office Accounting & Reporting team is leading this initiative and is meeting with various campus and UCSF Health stakeholders to map current UCSF chart of account values to the new UCOP CCOA and to update financial data files transmitted to UCOP. UCSF must comply with the new CCOA standards by July 1, 2023; we expect financial data mapping to be completed by June 2023.