Department Accounts Receivable Update

Improvements to the department accounts receivable (Dept A/R) process became effective on March 1. The improvements announced in last month’s Newsletter were based on stakeholder survey responses and interviews with the goal of making the process easier and more efficient for departments without requiring modifications to the UCSF financial system.

Departments that used the previous sundry debtor process have transitioned to the new Dept A/R process and must use the updated invoice form, remittance information, and monitor invoices using the MyReports Department Accounts Receivable report. We are happy to report that many users were able to make this transition easily using the information available on the Controller’s Office website without additional direction from the Controller’s Office staff. Thank you for reading and following the Dept A/R process steps.

We held our first group office hour on March 16. Attendees were all previous sundry debtor participants. In addition to a brief overview, attendees received answers to their department specific questions about the improved Dept A/R process.

We will continue to hold group office hours from 1 to 2 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month. Departments are encouraged to attend the next session on April 20, where we will include a brief overview of the process. Current users should also consider attending a session to get answers to non-urgent questions or to see a demonstration of the new Department Accounts Receivable report. Registration is not required; click here (opens in new window) to join at the start of the session. You must log into your UCSF Zoom account to join.

If you have questions about the department accounts receivable process, contact [email protected].