Journal Approver Process Change for Cash and Credit Card Journals

Update: The original version of this announcement incorrectly stated that journals “must be prepared and approved by departments no later than 7 p.m. on the second business day of the following month.” This has been revised to reflect that journals must be prepared, approved, and posted by departments before month end close.

Beginning April 27, 2023, journals for recording cash receipts (using Source Code 320) and credit card payments (using Source Code 323) are no longer routed to the Controller’s Office via PeopleSoft workflow for review and approval. Journals post as part of the PeopleSoft nightly batch process upon approval by department journal approvers.

This change allows for more accurate department financial activity by eliminating posting delays caused by the additional approval step during periods of high-volume activity. It also supports the Controller’s Office goal to increase capacity for value-added tasks by reducing manual processes while maintaining proper internal financial controls.

Department journal preparers and journal approvers remain responsible for meeting all requirements to record cash and credit card journals in the general ledger.

  • Journals to claim cash and credit card payments are time sensitive, should be claimed within five business days of deposit or receipt of funds, and must be prepared, approved, and posted by departments before month end close.
  • Journals must meet all header and line data entry requirements and include all appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Department journal approvers must ensure that all journal transactions submitted to them are reasonable and accurate based on the approver’s knowledge of the activity, journal documentation, and conformity to UCSF and other agency policies.

The Controller’s Office will continue to review and reconcile posted cash and credit card journals on a weekly basis. Unreconciled journals will be flagged for additional review by Controller’s Office staff. Department journal preparers will be responsible for submitting any necessary journal corrections identified during the reconciliation process.

Resources for preparing cash receipt and credit card journals are available on the Controller’s Office website. If you have questions about cash receipt or credit card journals, email [email protected].