Equipment Policy Reminders Related to Separation of Faculty and PIs

University of California (UC) policy BFB-BUS-29: Management and Control of University Equipment (opens in new window) requires the department and its Equipment Custodians to conduct a complete physical inventory of all property assigned to a faculty member or Principal Investigator (PI) who is separating from the University. All discrepancies must be reported to Capital Accounting for further review.

In no case may the departing faculty member or PI remove University property without first obtaining the appropriate written approvals as outlined in UC policy BFB-BUS-38: Disposition of Excess Property and Transfer of University-Owned Property (opens in new window). Regardless of fund source used, proper disposal procedures must be followed. All disposals and transfers are coordinated through UCSF Logistics.

Faculty or PIs wishing to transfer equipment to another non-profit institution must make a written request and obtain a multi-tiered pre-approval (Department Chair, Dean, and the Chief Procurement Officer). Except where prohibited under the terms of an award (open or closed), or in cases where an open award is relinquished to the recipient institution, the University reserves the right to disallow no-cost transfer requests and sell all property to the recipient institution at fair value.

If you have questions or need assistance with the disposition of capital equipment, please contact Capital Accounting.