Introducing Total Compliance Tracking: UCSF’s PCI DSS Compliance Workflow Manager

Earlier this year, we announced the planned implementation of Total Compliance Tracking (TCT) compliance software to support UCSF’s Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance management process. UCSF Merchant Services is excited to announce the launch of TCT this month for all UCSF merchants to manage their PCI compliance tracking.

What is Total Compliance Tracking?

Total Compliance Tracking is an online workflow manager that streamlines and enhances the PCI DSS compliance tasks required of all UCSF credit card and e-commerce merchants. TCT helps manage compliance complexity through the following features:

  • Merchants receive process survey requests by email with a link for ease of access.
  • The tool sends email reminders for outstanding tasks to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Each online task guides users through what requirements are being reviewed and exactly what steps and evidence are necessary to satisfy the requirement.
  • Online document upload options are specific to each task.
  • Engagement tracking identifies which tasks are in process or may have been missed.
  • Users can submit task-specific questions and receive answers within each task to keep communication concise.
  • Document retention and progress tracking for each task enables future audit efficiencies.

Next Steps for All UCSF Merchants

In early July, the Merchant Manager on record for each UCSF merchant account should expect a welcome email from TCT, including login instructions. Managers wishing to delegate their assigned PCI compliance tasks must contact UCSF Merchant Services at [email protected] to request an update for their team.

Upon successful login, users will find guidance on the standards for each regulatory requirement and how to complete each task. The tool allows users to ask questions of UCSF Merchant Services specific to each task and will send email reminders for items that remain due.

Merchant Managers will also receive an email invitation to join an orientation session via Zoom on July 19, 2023, from 2 – 3 p.m. This session will provide a navigation overview and the opportunity to ask questions.

The rollout of TCT supports the Controller’s Office goals to continuously improve UCSF’s PCI compliance management process and to bring efficiencies to our merchant community. In August, we will be launching monthly office hours to provide ongoing assistance with overall PCI compliance requirements, tool navigation, and to answer other compliance questions. Merchant Managers should look for an email with further details. If you have questions, please email [email protected].