UCPath Prepares to Launch Salary Cost Transfer Redesign in November 2023

UCPath’s redesigned salary cost transfer process is scheduled to go live on November 19, 2023. After extending the timeline, the UCPath Center selected the November date based on input from all UC locations. UCSF has since kicked off our user acceptance testing phase on August 3, 2023, with over 50 participants from across campus departments and central processing teams.

The redesigned process aims to improve on the current process by:

  • Reducing data entry and processing complexity
  • Providing greater flexibility to transfer individual distribution lines
  • Allowing users to save transactions in process to resume later, even with validation errors
  • Improving page performance and frequency of data processing
  • Addressing several defects still outstanding for the current process

Here are three actions all Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers should take now to begin preparing for the transition to the new process.

  1. Watch an eight-minute video (opens in new window) highlighting what will change with the salary cost transfer redesign. This video demonstrates key features of new UCPath salary cost transfer pages used to identify earnings for transfer, to process salary cost transfers, and to review existing salary cost transfer transactions. UCSF authentication is required to watch the video in Microsoft 365.
  2. Act now to review and complete all transfers required on paychecks prior to October 2021. The existing direct retro pages will remain available only for a limited time after go-live and can only be used to address changes to paychecks prior to October 2021 and to previously transferred earnings. Once decommissioned, transactors will lose access to transfer paychecks prior to October 2021 and to redistribute earnings that were previously transferred using the current tool. We will share more information about the decommissioning of the current direct retro pages as it becomes available.
  3. Plan to attend training before the November 19 go-live. All active UCPath users with a Salary Cost Transfer Initiator or Approver role should attend an instructor-led training session to learn how to complete salary cost transfers using the new pages. Zoom sessions will begin in mid-October, and registration will be required. Look for more details in the near future.

We will continue to provide updates in future editions of the Controller’s Office Newsletter and UCPath Finance at a Glance as we get closer to go-live. If you have questions about the current or future salary cost transfer process, contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center.