Funding Entry Updates Required after October 2023 Faculty Range Adjustments

On September 28, 2023, Funding Entry Initiators and Approvers were notified via email about the recent completion of October 2023 faculty range adjustments in UCPath. These adjustments resulted in compensation changes for employees, effective 10/1/2023. In some cases, an employee’s total compensation changed. In other cases, the total compensation remained the same but there was a change to individual pay component amounts (e.g., HSR, HSP, HSN).

When an employee receives a compensation change, Funding Entry Initiators are responsible to align the employee’s funding distributions to match the employee’s updated compensation. As a result of the 10/1/2023 range adjustments, new funding with an effective date of 10/1/2023 may be required.

The email to Funding Entry transactors included a link to a report of all faculty who received a 10/1/2023 range adjustment. Transactors should review 10/1/2023 compensation changes and enter new funding distributions effective 10/1/2023 as necessary to align with the employee’s updated compensation.

To avoid the need for salary cost transfers, please make funding updates by the 10/25/2023 funding entry deadline for the 10/31/23 monthly payroll cycle. Funding entry users who did not receive the September email notification or who need further assistance can contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center.