Here’s What You Need to Know About the November Salary Cost Transfer Redesign Go-Live

UPDATE: The UCPath Center moved the implementation date to November 13, 2023, one week earlier than previously announced. Salary Cost Transfer and Funding Entry Initiators and Approvers were notified of the change by email on October 12, 2023. The following announcement has been updated to reflect the information shared by email, including transaction processing deadlines prior to the implementation. The Controller’s Office will continue to keep all Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers informed via the UCPath-Users listserv as information becomes available.

Please review the details below and take action now to get ready.

Training for Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers

This month, we are launching a new training program to help Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers prepare for the redesigned process. All current Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers should plan to attend an instructor-led Zoom training session by Friday, November 17.

Classes start October 16 and will be offered daily through go-live. Register now for your preferred session time (opens in new window) in the UC Learning Center (MyAccess login required). All current users will also be assigned training in the UC Learning Center.

Start learning now about what will change with the salary cost transfer redesign by watching a brief video overview (opens in new window).

Planned System Outage and Transaction Freeze

During the cutover, UCPath will undergo a large data conversion for both funding entry and salary cost transfer data.

To prepare for cutover, all Funding Entry and Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers should note the following impacts and take action accordingly:

  • November 3: Deadline to approve or deny all pending direct retro and funding entry transactions in UCPath.
    • The UCSF Payroll Office included instructions to identify pending transactions in the October 12, 2023, email to transactors.
    • If you did not receive this information, please contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center.
    • Transactors should not enter any new funding or direct retro transactions into UCPath after November 3 and before the November 6 downtime.
  • November 6: UCPath will process approved direct retro and funding entries.
  • November 6, 7:00 a.m. - November 13, 7:00 a.m.: General Ledger Downtime
    • UCPath General Ledger functionality will not be available to all users.
  • November 9, 5:00 p.m. – November 13, 7:00 a.m.: Cutover weekend
    • UCPath will CANCEL all pending direct retros and funding entries and notify transactors of the canceled transactions.

Employees and managers who access self-service functions in the UCPath online portal will not lose access to UCPath.

Take Action Now on Paychecks Prior to October 2021

Departments should take action now to review and complete all transfers required on paychecks prior to October 2021. The existing Direct Retro pages will remain available only for a limited time after go-live. Once decommissioned, transactors will lose access to transfer paychecks prior to October 2021 and to redistribute earnings that were previously transferred using the Direct Retro tool.

For More Information

Additional information about the salary cost transfer redesign will be shared directly with UCPath transactors by email. Please contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center with any questions.