Salary Cost Transfer Training Transitions to eLearning

The Controller’s Office conducted 23 instructor-led training classes between October and December to help Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers prepare for the redesigned salary cost transfer process that went live on November 13, 2023.

This month, training will transition to a new eLearning course available in the UC Learning Center. The new course (opens in new window), UCPath Salary Cost Transfer Entry and Approval Process, is required before new Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Salary Cost Transfer Approvers can be granted access and enter or approve cost transfers in UCPath online. Department Access Administrators and Control Point Financial Officers are responsible for ensuring that users have completed their required training before allowing access to UCPath to conduct salary cost transfers.

The new salary cost transfer process is a complete redesign that requires the use of new pages in UCPath following new data entry procedures. As a result, existing salary cost transfer users who did not complete an instructor-led training class to prepare for the redesigned process should complete the new online version as soon as possible. These users have been assigned the new course in the UC Learning Center and can find a link to the training by clicking the My Required Training link.

UCSF’s Information for Salary Cost Transfer Initiators and Approvers (opens in new window) page contains links to the full curriculum of required training and additional resources. If you have questions or encounter any issues using the new salary cost transfer process, contact the Controller’s Office Solution Center.