Recharge Source Codes and Contacts List

Departments are responsible for notifying the Controller's Office General Accounting Service Desk, when changes to this list are required. See the end of this page for detailed instructions on how to update this list.

Recharge Source Codes and Contacts List As of 3/8/2024
5A1 607 DMM Recharge John (Miko) Thomas 415-476-8376
5A2 626 Beale St. Network (Ernest) Ross Beard 415-476-6227
5A3 627 Beale St. Rent (Ernest) Ross Beard 415-476-6227
5A5 MYCORES Lab Services Olena Akerman 415-476-0539
5A8 635 Dist & Storage Helen Huynh 502-6054
5AB 640 GLITEL Teddy Ta 415-502-2187
5AC 641 CBL Facilities Olga Fraga-Reyes 510-514-6655
5AD 642 CBL/IGH Network Olga Fraga-Reyes 510-514-6655
5AE 644 CBL Copier Olga Fraga-Reyes 510-514-6655
5AF 646 LARC Recharges Sara Pedonti 415-502-5178
5AG 700 OEH&S RWD Recharge Sara Pedonti 415-502-5178
5AH 701 OEH&S RIC Recharge Sara Pedonti 415-502-5178
5AI 702 OEH&S WTS Recharge Sara Pedonti 415-502-5178
5AK 672 Transportation Service Virginia Chen 502-2153
5AM 681 TEP Recharge John (Miko) Thomas 415-476-8376
5AN CCDSS ITFS Computing Device Support Teddy Ta 415-502-2187
5AO 683 ID Card Recharge Helen Huynh 502-6054
5AP UPD Livescan Recharge Anita Leung-Chan 415-514-2793
5AQ 685 Development & Training Helen Huynh 502-6054
5AR 693 Pharmacy Recharge Bradley Foster 415-514-8485
5AT 696 Mail Servides Helen Huynh 502-6054
5AX 625FM01 FM Track (Facilities) Recharge Edith But Lee 415-476-4239
5AZ PMG0001 Permit Parking Virginia Chen 502-2153
5B1 PMG0002 Permit Parking Virginia Chen 502-2153
5B2 DATAREC Data Recharge Teddy Ta 415-502-2187
5B3 682 Residents & Fellows Insurance John (Miko) Thomas 415-476-8376
5B4 699 NCRR Recharges Sara Pedonti 415-502-5178
5B5 607 GLIDMM John (Miko) Thomas 415-476-8376
5B8 DCS Central Data Center Services Teddy Ta 415-502-2187
5B9 MCPBX Med Ctr PBX Service Teddy Ta 415-502-2187
5BA   ARS Clinical Data Consultation Teddy Ta 415-502-2187
5BB 703 EH&S Asbestos Svcs Sara Pedonti 415-502-5178
5BD 704 OEH&aancillary Svcs Sara Pedonti 415-502-5178
5BE   ITS Intergration Services Teddy Ta 415-502-2187
5BF   IT Custom Website Hosting Teddy Ta 415-502-2187
5BI   Auxiliary Assessment John (Miko) Thomas 415-476-8376
5BH   Stock Room Olena Akerman 415-476-0539
577   Clinical Funds Flow Candice Corder 415-476-0477
RCH   Research Clinical Billing Christy Anton [email protected]
PFM PFMAP   Pulliam-hartogh,Jenelle 415-353-3834

How to Update This List

Email the General Accounting Service Desk the following information:

  • PeopleSoft recharge source code (e.g., 5AR for Pharmacy recharges)
  • Journal ID (e.g., PFM for telephone recharges)
  • Short description
  • Contact's full name(s) and preferred name, if applicable
  • Contact's full 10 digit telephone number with area code
  • Effective date if personnel change

The General Accounting Service Desk will create a ServiceNow ticket that will general an automated email to the requestor with the ticket number for status tracking.

Contact your Department Access Administrator to request the following changes for the recharge processor:

  • Addition of the suspense correction role to the recharge processor's PeopleSoft profile
  • Assignment to the PeopleSoft recharge source code

If the recharge processor is not a current PeopleSoft journal preparer, the processor must complete required training before you can request the PeopleSoft journal preparer role, suspense correction role, and assignment to the recharge source code.