CGA Default Discretionary Journal Procedure

UCSF assigns the responsibility for financing overdrafts, unallowable charges and deficits as well as receiving surpluses to the department that owns the award. During the award lifecycle, situations may arise that require the use of a discretionary journal to transfer identified charges from an award to the department. After consultation with campus and in order to complete these transfers in an efficient, consistent, and timely manner, discretionary journals will use a default chartstring following the procedure outlined below.

  • CGA will notify the Research Services Analyst (RSA) and Principal Investigator (PI) associated with the award of the pending discretionary journal. Notification will include the amounts, reasons for the journal, and the default chartstring.
  • The default chartstring will be:
    School FundProject Dept ID1111111
    School School Fund #
    School of Dentistry 5013
    School of Medicine 5014
    School of Nursing 5018
    School of Pharmacy 5018
    • Note: the Dept ID associated with the Project, rather than the Award, will be used as expenditures are reviewed on a Project basis. In some cases the Project and Award Dept IDs will be the same.
  • CGA will wait 5 days to allow the RSA, PI, and department to identify a replacement chartstring before posting the journal. If CGA does not receive notification of a replacement chartstring CGA will post the journal to the default chartstring on day 6.

Questions about this procedure should be addressed to CGA Compliance.