UCSF Cash Handling Training

This UCSF Cash Handling Training is assigned to all new Cash Handlers upon hire and must be completed annually thereafter. The training emphasizes three components of cash control:

  1. Ensuring Cash Handlers are properly certified and trained.
  2. Following effective cash control practices.
  3. Understanding the different accountabilities embedded within the process.

Duration: 20 minutes

Intended Audiences

This training is:

  • Required upon hire and then annually thereafter for staff who are designated Cash Handlers in their department.
  • Recommended for anyone who would like to understand more about UCSF's cash handling policies and procedures.



This is a Certification Course

Completion of this training certifies the learner for 1 year. Cash Handlers must complete this course annually for as long as they handle cash for their department. Managers should assign direct reports as required to complete this training in the UC Learning Center as part of the process of establishing a new cash handler for their departments.

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