Equipment Custodian Responsibilities

UCOP and Federal Regulations require that campus departments perform a physical verification of all capitalized assets listed in the UCSF asset management database system every two years. This is essential for continued Federal, State, and private donor funding of operations and research projects. Equipment custodians are charged with conducting the physical inventory on a biannually-scheduled basis.

Equipment Custodians are assigned by departments and are responsible for providing current equipment information including physical location, custody code, disposal, and sales. When a new custodian is assigned responsibility by a department, a completed Custodian Maintenance Form should be submitted to Capital Accounting

We highly recommend the following steps for new Equipment Custodians to become familiar with the acquisition, use, upkeep, tracking and disposition of capitalized assets:

Additional resources of interest to equipment custodians include:

If you have any questions or need additional guidance, contact a Capitalized Asset Management team member.