Equipment Custodian Responsibilities

Equipment Custodian Responsibilities

Equipment Custodians are assigned by departments and are responsible for providing current equipment information including physical location, custody code, disposal, and sales.

UCOP and Federal Regulations require that campus departments perform a physical verification of all capitalized assets listed in the UCSF asset management database system every two years. This is essential for continued federal, state, and private donor funding of operations and research projects. Equipment custodians are charged with conducting the physical inventory on a biannually-scheduled basis.

Assigning or Changing Equipment Custodian Responsibility

When a new custodian is assigned responsibility by a department, the department must:

  • Submit a completed Custodian Maintenance Form to Capital Accounting.
  • Submit a request for access to the PeopleSoft Asset Management module.
    • Department Access Administrators must use the Access Management Application to request access for the new custodian.
    • Request access to the PeopleSoft role ZAM_CUSTODIAN_FR.

Assigning a Custodial Delegate

Departments may also assign Custodial Delegates to assist Equipment Custodians with limited functions, including updating information in PeopleSoft or initiating the Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) process on the custodian's behalf. A delegate may only work on assets that the Custodian assigns.

To assign a Custodial Delegate, Department Access Administrators must use the Access Management Application to request access to the PeopleSoft role ZAM_CUST_DELEGATE_FR.

New Equipment Custodian Responsibilities

New Equipment Custodians must take the following steps to become familiar with the acquisition, use, upkeep, tracking and disposition of capitalized assets:

Additional resources of interest to equipment custodians include:

  • How-to guides on the Controller's Office website, including the PeopleSoft Asset Management Custodian Manual
  • Capital Equipment Codes and Schedules: we recommend bookmarking this resource page for quick access to the following resources:
    • Physical Inventory Schedule - lists equipment custodian, department, and start date for the two-year physical inventory cycle
    • Building Codes - lists building, street address, and building code
    • Equipment Account Codes - lists the description for each equipment related Account code
    • Equipment Custody Codes - lists custody codes, descriptions, custodians, and departments
    • Useful Life Indices for Equipment Depreciation - links to the schedule maintained on the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) Purchasing Services website. You can search by Capital Sequence Index, EQ Code Sequence Index, or keyword.
  • Viewing Asset Management Reports in MyReports

If you have any questions or need additional guidance, contact a Capitalized Asset Management team member.